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Accessing Your Online Survivor Benefits Reports

Eligible survivors across all military branches coping with the loss of a service member are entitled to numerous benefits, which can be reviewed through the Online Survivor Benefits Report program.

The program, sponsored by the Casualty, Mortuary Affairs, and Military Funeral Honors Military Community and Family Policy Office, can help you:

  • Determine the benefits you’re eligible for.
  • Plan for your financial future.

The reports are interactive and summarize current financial benefits and project future benefits from all federal sources, including:

  • The Defense Department
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs
  • The Social Security Administration

A casualty assistance officer provides the initial benefits report to you, the eligible surviving spouse and dependent children. You can access this report online for six months.

The interactive OSBRs allow you to input “what if”-type changes to your — and your family members’ — education, disability and marital status. You can also save and print the reports to reference at a future date.

Long-Term Care Info

Read about other resources such as your service’s long-term care program.

To gain access to the reports:

  1. Provide your email address to the OSBR Family Assistance Support Team.
  2. Click on your service branch link below. Then enter the email address you provided to FAST to request access to your report. From there, follow the instructions on the website.
    MyAirForceBenefits (also for Space Force)
  3. Open the email from containing a one-time link to view, then download and/or print your reports.

For assistance in accessing the initial or interactive OSBRs or for any other questions about the reports, survivors may contact the OSBR FAST by calling 877-827-2471 or by emailing

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