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Air force member plays taps on his bugle
Service Member hugs his young children.
teenagers work together on a craft project
Smiling woman takes notes during a conversation
Two women walk and talk
Counselors have a discussion
Empty colorful swings at the park
Service member and his daughter
Silas, one, son of Capt. Owen, 15th Reconnaissance Squadron pilot, receives a balloon monkey during a “Take Your Kid to Work Day” event April 23, 2015, at Creech Air Force Base, Nevada. Creech families honored the Month of the Military Child with food, face painting, and a magic show sponsored by the Las Vegas USO. In addition military vehicles and equipment were also on display and included the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper aircraft. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Christian Clausen/Released)
Woman answers the phone
Husband and wife in uniform
Woman working in home office hand on keyboard close up
Child looks on at events
Kid in play area
Husband and wife do an exercise together
Service member embraces his wife and son.
Young man in wheelchair inside his house
Elderly woman receives assistance with her benefits.
Service member holds his daughter and kisses his wife at homecoming ceremony
A dietician speaks to a parent during an event hosted by the New Parent Support Program.
Little girl carries flag
Two young women
Family sitting on couch with child hugging mother
Elementary school teacher holding up an assignment.
Service member watches video of child being born
A man sits with his face down and his hands on his head
woman with her arm around woman who is upset
Couple at ball
Service Member packs his gear
Man in Army t-shirt does push-ups
Child with special needs and guardian playing on a beach.
Mother kisses her baby while holding him.
Man sits on aircraft carrier flight deck
Women attend a new mom class
JROTC cadets take part in military training day at Homestead ARB
A military spouse looks out a KC-135 Stratotanker window during takeoff as part of a spouse familiarization flight
Mother and her children reading a book in the living room.
Husband and wife in uniform
A child's hands playing with an educational toy
Child gives a childcare worker a hug
Back view of father holding son.
Feet in wool socks near fireplace at Christmas time
Child interacts with care worker
Service member solutes
Deployed sailors hold up smartphones with pictures of their children
Man’s hand on worship book
Child and horse.
Woman assists child with special needs
Air force man and boy in a wheelchair talk
Service member holding hands with military spouse.
Service member hugs his wife
Talking couple embrace
Group of woman spouses
Service member proposes to his girlfriend after returning from deployment.
Group of women taking yoga class
Elementary School children draw out their emotions during a therapy session
Group of people hold hands
women and child look at paper
Service member husband and wife renew their vows
EFMP signage and gift bags
Silhouette of woman running
Mother and children in dining room
Service member filling out financial paperwork.
young athlete using a racing wheelchair
Teacher works with student
Young adult quizzes a student with flash cards
Family playing in the sand.
Hand on smart phone
A man and woman holding hands.
married couple holding hands
A man and a woman stand back to back.
Two friends talk over coffee
Children high-five McGruff the Crime Dog
EFMP student participates in craft activity
Child hands drawing on paper
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