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Deployment and Redeployment Requirements During COVID-19

Current as of June 4, 2020

Testing and Surveillance for COVID-19

Learn about the DOD’s expanded testing for coronavirus disease 2019 and other measures to detect the disease early and stop its spread.

As the COVID-19 world situation slowly improves, the Department of Defense has changed its approach to travel restrictions. Until further notice, it will base travel decisions on conditions in specific areas.

As deployment and redeployment resume, the DOD is committed to:

  • Protecting military and civilian personnel and their families
  • Safeguarding our national security capabilities
  • Supporting the nationwide response to the pandemic

To minimize risks and ensure force health the DOD is now requiring predeployment and redeployment COVID-19 screening. Restriction of movement occurs as indicated.

These requirements are for:

  • Service members including Reserve Component and National Guard members in a Title 10 or Title 32 duty status
  • DOD civilian employees deploying within and outside the United States
  • Contractor personnel (must complete the same predeployment screening and restriction of movement to travel with military and civilian mitigated forces)

Deployment requirements

All deploying service members and DOD civilian employees will complete Force Health Protection, or FHP, predeployment requirements in accordance with DODI 6490.03. This includes screening for COVID-19 exposure and symptoms, and testing if available and appropriate, consistent with DOD testing guidance.

Redeployment requirements

All redeploying service members and DOD civilian employees will complete FHP redeployment requirements in accordance with DODI 6490.03. This includes screening for COVID-19 exposure and symptoms, and testing if available and appropriate. This is consistent with guidance in the memo “DOD COVID-19 Task Force Laboratory Testing Line of Effort,” April 24, 2020.

All redeploying service members and DOD civilian employees will complete a Post-Deployment Health Assessment (DD Form 2796) and Post-Deployment Health Reassessment (DD Form 2900) in accordance with DODI 6490.03, “Deployment Health.” The requirement applies to all service members, including Active Component and Reserve Component personnel on applicable Title 10 or Title 32 orders.

Isolation guidance for potential cases

DOD component heads will consider the most recent CDC guidance for release of individuals from isolation and return to home or work. See guidance documents in FHP Guidance Supplement 9.

Additional redeployment guidelines for Military Service Reserve and National Guard personnel

The secretaries of the military departments may issue additional procedural guidance as appropriate for Reserve Component personnel.

For National Guard members supporting Federal Emergency Management Agency mission assignments, the Chief of the Nation Guard Bureau, in coordination with the secretaries of the Army and Air Force, will issue redeployment guidance to the states and territories to support mission requirements while minimizing risks to National Guard members.

Reserve Component personnel in support of other departments or agencies will complete any required health and ROM measures, including home-based quarantine or self-monitoring, prior to the end of the period of support to that other department or agency.

Understanding of COVID-19 continues to change, so continue to check our Coronavirus Updates for Our Military Community page for updates.

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