Preventing Abuse & Neglect

The Department of Defense and each of the branches of the armed services are committed to promoting a military culture that supports victims. Learn more about the Family Advocacy Program, including how to connect with a victim advocate near you, for help with domestic abuse, child abuse and neglect, or problematic sexual behavior in children and youth.

Be “all In” to end child abuse and neglect

Join your military community in protecting MilKids from abuse and neglect.

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10 Tips for Safe Internet Browsing

Technology abuse — when one partner seeks to control how the other accesses or uses technology and the internet — is a common form of domestic abuse. This article shares 10 tips for safe and smart browsing based on best practices recommended for everyone’s cybersecurity.

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A Safe Space for Relationship Help: The Family Advocacy Program

Learn how Family Advocacy Program victim advocates provide a safe space for survivors of domestic abuse to seek information and assistance.

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Staying Safe While Staying Healthy: Tips for Military Families

Keep you and your military family safe and healthy during the coronavirus disease 2019 self-quarantine with these tips.

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Navigating Relationship Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic can put added stress on relationships for some couples. Learn more about how to handle challenges in relationships, practice self-care – and how to protect yourself and find support to stay safe, if necessary.

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Getting Help for Domestic Abuse — Military Protective Orders Can Include Pets

The military and Department of Defense have options for domestic abuse victims to look out for their pets’ safety along with their own.


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