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Helping Your Children Change Schools

Frequent moving to new duty stations is fact of military life. Be prepared to help your school-age children with changing schools—it can go a long way to helping them adjust in healthy ways to some of the routines of military life.

Parent preparation can mean a smooth school move for your kids

You want to smooth your student’s transition from one school system to the next. All 50 states have agreed to help military families to make sure children can enroll in needed classes, play sports and graduate on time. Here’s how:

Enrollment: When leaving your school district, you can get unofficial records to carry to your new school—so your student can enroll without delay, even before the official transcript arrives. If your child needs additional immunizations, you can enroll and take care of this within 30 days.

Placement and attendance. Your children will get placed in appropriate required classes, advanced placement and special-needs programs while awaiting evaluation at their new school. That means your child won’t be put in a “holding class” while your new school is taking the time to assess him or her.

Special education. If your student is covered by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, federal law protects your child’s right to receive the same services identified in his or her existing individual education program, or IEP.

Extracurricular participation. If your child is eligible, the new school will facilitate participation in extracurricular activities even if application deadlines or tryouts have passed.

Graduation. Rest assured that your high schooler’s graduation will not be affected.

Call Military OneSource to connect to an education consultant for help with everything from tutors to tuition. Don’t wait until the move occurs. Call in advance: 800-342-9647.

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