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Challenges of Changing Schools — This webinar offers tips to help children make a smooth transition to a new school, including ways to make new friends.

A Children’s Guide to Coping With Disasters — This webinar discusses how disasters impact children and what you can do to help them. It will discuss the different types of disasters, how children may feel and react, and how you can help them cope and process feelings after a disaster.

Family Optimization — This webinar discusses strategies for overcoming challenges military families face. Time apart from loved ones, frequent moves, constant changes, financial strain and regularly worrying about your family’s health and safety are part of your reality. Learn family resilience strategies to get through it together and become stronger, braver and more resourceful.

Conflict Resolution: Ages 13 to 16 — This webinar offers caregivers information on understanding conflict, problem-solving tips and ground rules to improve communication. Tips apply to conflicts between parents and teens as well as conflicts that arise between siblings or with other teens. Learn more about how people behave in different ways based on their perspectives and how to use conflict as an opportunity for growth.

Developmental Stages Ages 13 to 18 — This webinar discusses how developmental changes affect teen behavior. It offers tips for parenting and effective discipline, and provides a list of helpful support resources.

Effective Discipline: Ages 13 to 17 — This webinar is designed for parents, teachers, caregivers and anyone who works with teenagers ages 13 to 17. It discusses stages of development, how teenagers think and feel, and explores effective discipline methods for shaping teen behavior. It also helps caregivers recognize when they may need to seek assistance.

Effective Discipline for School-Age Children: Ages 6 Through 9 — This webinar offers information about child development to promote effective discipline methods that meet children where they are. Parents and service providers can get tips for shaping positive behavior in children ages 6 through 9, including ways to increase positive attention and communication as well as how to address aggressive behavior. Parents can learn how to manage deployment challenges and recognize when they may need to seek help.

Appropriate Discipline and Guidance: Ages 2 Through 5 — This webinar is designed for parents, teachers, caregivers and anyone who works with children ages 2 through 5. It explores stages of development, how children think and feel, and appropriate discipline and guidance techniques for shaping child behavior. It also helps caregivers recognize when they may need to seek assistance.

A Guide to Helping Children Manage Anger: Ages 3 to 12 — This webinar is designed for parents, teachers, caregivers, counselors and anyone who works with children ages 3 to 12. It offers tips, skills and resources to help children understand and manage anger and other powerful emotions.

Introducing a New Baby — This webinar will discuss the changes and challenges of bringing a new baby home to blend with siblings.

OneOp — OneOp offers free webinars, virtual learning events, and conferences, covering a variety of topics relevant to family service providers, Cooperative Extension educators and others working with military families. Service providers can access Supporting Military Families: Parenting as well as dozens of additional parenting webinars in order to build knowledge to help meet the unique needs of military families and earn continuing education units.

Parenting Teenagers — This webinar offers information about parenting teenagers. Learn more about teen development and your parental role. Get tips on how to maintain communication, provide discipline, handle deployment and take care of yourself as a parent through the teen years.

Stress Management for Teens — Stress is a normal part of life, and learning how to deal with it in a positive way is key for overall well-being at any age. This webinar is intended for parents, teens and people who work with teens. It offers information about how to help teenagers identify signs, triggers and ways to relieve and manage stress.

Thrive — This free parenting-education program was developed by the Defense Department in partnership with the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at Penn State. Thrive’s interactive resources promote positive parenting, stress management and healthy lifestyle practices for children from birth to 18. Supplemental modules, including content for exceptional families, grandparents as caregivers, mental health and wellness, and more, are added regularly. Professional resources, hybrid manuals and facilitator training is also available.

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