Air Force

This page includes information on Morale, Welfare and Recreation for the Air Force.

United States Air Force Services — United States Air Force Services provides eligible patrons with recreation and leisure programs as well as family member and community services programs.

Air Force Sports — Air Force Sports allows active duty, National Guard and reserve Air Force personnel to participate in Air Force, armed forces, national and international sports events.

Air Force Libraries — Air Force Libraries provide eligible patrons with internet access, reading rooms, reference books and media and collections of fiction and nonfiction literature.

Tops In Blue — Tops in Blue is an Air Force touring troupe that dates to 1953. It has featured the best entertainers in the Air Force and provided quality entertainment to Air Force personnel stationed worldwide. The program went on hiatus following its 2015 season while it receives an extended review.

Air Force Arts and Crafts — This program provides military personnel and their families with activities in fine arts and industrial arts. The arts and crafts centers provide hands-on instruction and group instruction.

Air Force Information, Tickets and Travel — The Air Force Information, Tickets and Travel website provides service members with information on resorts, cruises and tour destinations for recreational travel.

Air Force Aero Clubs — Air Force Aero Clubs provide a safe venue for learning to fly and also provide the opportunity to fly light general aviation aircraft.

Air Force Golf — The Air Force Golf program operates and maintains more than 60 golf courses around the world, offering open rounds of golf and instructional courses for beginners.