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Even the most competent and motivated service members sometimes find themselves in difficult situations, with problems that could ultimately affect unit readiness. Military OneSource can help and assist with issues that range from debt and relationship problems to deployment readiness. Military OneSource is a support service from the Defense Department that includes:

  • No-cost services for military members and their families
  • Professionals, with experience and training, who understand military life
  • Programs that are useful to military members or families who live on or off base
  • Consultants are available 24/7/365

How Military OneSource helps service and family members

Every service member and military spouse can benefit from Military OneSource. Military OneSource consultants support a broad range of issues that include:

  • Referrals to the appropriate resource within or outside of Military OneSource
  • Research on communities, schools, child care, special needs, homeschooling, summer camps and more
  • Financial guidance and assistance with household budget and tax-related issues
  • Assistance with college research and help with federal financial aid applications
  • References for reputable companies for home repairs
  • Translations of qualified documents, including leases, marriage licenses and adoption paperwork
  • Suggestions about elder care issues

Service members and their families can also meet with independently licensed counselors in person, via telephone and online, using a secure, real-time “chat” format, or by secure, real-time video for non-medical counseling.

The Military OneSource website

The site features:

  • Articles and webinars on a wide range of topics, including spousal employment, education, financial matters, child care, parenting and recreational activities
  • Free booklets and CDs that can be downloaded or shipped to you
  • School and summer camp locators through MilitaryINSTALLATIONS
  • Financial calculators for various situations

You can also prepare and file your taxes online, sign up for newsletters or download podcasts.

Get the App

The MilProvider app allows you to easily access and share Military OneSource information and products with your service members.

Spread the word about Military OneSource

Tell your service and family members about Military OneSource — it is made just for them. Through the site, service and family members can:

  • Schedule a briefing with a consultant who will come to your command and describe the services available
  • Order marketing materials, such as brochures, magnets and wallet cards; and educational materials, such as CDs and booklets

Referring service and family members to Military OneSource

When referring a service or family member to Military OneSource, remember these tips:

  • Address problems early on to keep small problems or concerns from becoming serious issues.
  • Avoid diagnosing the service or family member’s problems. Let specially trained professionals make the assessments and referrals.
  • Explain that communication with a Military OneSource consultant is private and all Military OneSource records are confidential, with the exception of duty to warn.

Contact Military OneSource

Service and family members can call, click and connect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from any location in the world. You can visit Military OneSource online or call:

  • Stateside: 800-342-9647
  • International: 800-342-9647 or 703-253-7599 (Calling instructions for your specific international location can be found in the Contact Us section on the website)
  • Overseas: call an international operator first then ask to be connected to 703-253-7599
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP): if you have a VoIP account set-up, you can call Military OneSource at 800-342-9647
  • En español llame al: 800-342-9647
  • TTY/TDD: Dial 711 and give the toll-free number 800-342-9647

Request a detailed briefing on Military OneSource.

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