Military Life Cycle

Confidently navigate life in the military – from basic training to separation and transition and all the steps in between.

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Service member taking notes
Service member with back pack.
Airman climbing radio tower
Disabled veteran in home
Service members cheering runners on track
Service members laughing
Service members learning about programs
Service members Veterans Affairs
Service members in field
Service member welding
Service members in grocery store
VA benefits for National Guard
Veterans Affairs
Service member driving an all terrain vehicle.
Service member holding folded up flag during retirement ceremony.
Service members walking
A service member fills out résumé information during an employment and education workshop.
Returning From Deployment
National Guardsman salutes the flag.
soldiers hold flag
Navy Basic Crewman Training candidate takes a breath during a conditioning swim
Drill Instructor shouts at recruits
Soldiers at Army basic training
Basic trainees align in formation.
Service Member Doing Pushups
Service member filling out paperwork
service members sitting in classroom
Man fills out paperwork
A veteran writes down notes on military tuition assistance.
Service member takes notes while reading a book.
Army general gives burial flag to surviving spouse during her husband’s funeral.
Air Force honor guard performs military honors service.
Service member with ballistic glasses looks into the distance
Spouse welcomes returning service member with flowers
U.S. Marines stand in ranks
Service member watches their children open presents via video chat.
Girl put on naval officers hat
The Annual Air Force Installation and Mission Support Industry Day held at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland, Texas.
Couple using tablet
A U.S. Army Reserve military police soldier holds hands with her niece.
A military doctor studies a patient’s computed tomography scan.
Veteran receives services
The Ride to Recovery team bikers high five service members
A veteran greets a service member.
service member looks at book
Marines carry flag-covered casket.
Service member filling out forms
Two service members work together on a manual task.
A soldier walks through a dark tunnel with a light and tree filled opening.
Service member sits at her desk
Service member embraces son
A servicemember counting out cash.
sailor proposes to his girlfriend during a homecoming arrival
Military pay technician examines a financial document.
Woman writes on budget sheet
Financial meeting with service member
Service members sit in vehicle
service member looks at smoke
Woman participates in a yoga class on the beach.
Close-up of credit cards.
Woman completes paperwork.
Basic training obstacle course.
Navy Chief is pinned by her family.
U.S. Army Soldiers conduct their two-mile run during the Army Physical Fitness Test
Marine playing bugle
A service member smiles and holds up a pink piggy bank
Soldiers working out on grass.
Airman working
Service member smiling.
Service member about to run.
Man in a military uniform shows a stack of twenty dollar bills.
Service member receiving a care package.
A sailor hugs a loved one after returning from deployment.
A male Air Force captain listens to a radio during an outdoor training exercise.
Recruits line up and call home after arriving at boot camp
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