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CAC and Military IDs for Dependents, Retirees and Others

Obtaining and Renewing Military ID and Common Access Cards During COVID-19

Learn about the temporary updates (in place through Sept. 30, 2020) that change issuance and renewal processes.

The military issues standard identification cards to active duty, reserve and National Guard members, retired service members, civilian employees, some contractors, family members of eligible sponsors and other eligible individuals. In addition to providing verification of identity and affiliation to the Department, military ID cards also verify eligibility for access to those benefits identified on the card. Each card will display only those benefits to which the individual cardholder is entitled, which may include military health care, commissary and exchange access, or morale, welfare and recreation access.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Common Access Card and other military IDs.

Who is eligible for a CAC or military ID?add

Where do I get a military ID card?add

What forms and documents are needed for a family member to get their first ID card?add

How frequently do military IDs need to be renewed?add

What if I don’t live near a military base? add

What if my CAC card is lost or stolen?add

What if my Uniformed Services ID Card is lost or stolen?add

Can I keep my ID if I lose my eligibility (e.g., divorce) or if the card expires?add

When are divorced spouses eligible for a military ID?add

When are dependents eligible for a military ID?add

When do you get an ID card for a dependent under the age of 10?add

How do I get an ID card for a former dependent now using TRICARE Young Adult?add

Are survivors eligible for a military ID?add

When are veterans eligible for a military ID?add

Can caregivers get ID cards?add

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