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Update on POV Storage Reimbursement Amounts

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If you stored a privately owned vehicle, or POV in a commercial storage facility instead of storing a POV under the government’s contract, you may have noticed a change in the reimbursable amount.

  • On October 1, 2021, U.S. Transportation Command, or TRANSCOM, transitioned POV financial processes from the (revenue-generating) Transportation Working Capital Fund, or TWCF, to a bill-direct to the responsible military branch of service.
  • TWCF funds are no longer required from the services and instead, TRANSCOM is now billing POV services at the Global POV Contract, or GPC, rates. The Joint Travel Regulations limit the maximum reimbursement to customers for commercial vehicle storage to what the government would have paid for the service.
  • What does this update mean to you as a customer? Storing your POV under the GPC guarantees you will never pay out-of-pocket expenses for monthly storage. You can still choose to arrange storage at a commercial storage facility not affiliated with the Defense Department, but you could put yourself at risk for paying the balance, if you exceed the government’s maximum reimbursement cost.
  • Be an informed consumer; before entering into an agreement with a non-DOD facility, ensure you completely understand what storage and maintenance service fees you will be charged by a commercial facility compared to what DOD will reimburse you. If you have questions about your reimbursement amount or POV storage options, please reach out to your local transportation office.

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