Psychological Health Program

Sometimes strength means asking for help. The National Guard Psychological Health Program provides the assistance you and your family need, whether you’re dealing with stress, work or family issues. The PHP has directors of psychological health in every state, territory and the District of Columbia.


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Psychological Health Program Lookup

National Guardsmen and their families can look up their local ANG PHP contacts for access to confidential psychological health services. Learn more.

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Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness can be a difficult concept to peg – it seems all facets of health connect in some way to your emotions, whether you feel joyful at seeing your favorite sports team win, worried about your deployment, angry at losing a loved one, or any of the myriad emotional responses that everyday life can trigger.

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Family Wellness: Strengthen Your Family Ties

The first support community we join as human beings is our family unit. Service members thrive best with support from their families, and families in turn cope better with their service member’s active participation in helping the family stay strong in the face of unique challenges they face as part of the National Guard community.

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National Guard Families and Friends

Being there for the ones you care about can make a difference in the life of a service member or a member of your family. Learn how to support soldiers, airmen and each other.

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Your Psychological Health Program Questions, Answered.

Get answers to questions that people are asking about the National Guard Bureau Psychological Health Program.


Installation Program Directory

Find programs and services at your local installation.