Relationships exist on a continuum from healthy to unhealthy to abusive. No relationship is perfect, but it’s important to recognize the warning signs of unhealthy behaviors. Healthy relationships involve mutual respect, trust and good communication. Unhealthy behaviors don’t always appear overnight, but can emerge and intensify as the relationship grows. Learn to recognize the signs of unhealthy relationships. No matter where your relationship lies on the healthy/unhealthy scale, help is available through the Family Advocacy Program.

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Two friends chat over coffee
In an Unhealthy Relationship? You Have Options

It’s never easy to end a relationship. But the decision is even harder and more complicated when your partner is hurting you either physically or emotionally.

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Safe Space for Relationship Help: Family Advocacy Program

Learn how Family Advocacy Program victim advocates provide a safe space for survivors of domestic abuse to seek information and assistance.

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Technology (Mis)Use and Your Relationship

Technology facilitates modern life, with nearly all of us relying on our cell phones, email and social media to communicate, stay connected, and talk with our spouses and partners. According to one study, 89% of service members own a smart phone, and over half report regular social media activity. Smartphones and other devices are the place where much of life happens, including where unhealthy relationship patterns can develop.

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Navigating Relationship Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic can put added stress on relationships for some couples. Learn more about how to handle challenges in relationships, practice self-care – and how to protect yourself and find support to stay safe, if necessary.

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Understanding Healthy Relationships

Every relationship has its strengths and weaknesses; however, some relationships are healthier than others. Addressing problems early in a relationship gives both partners opportunities to resolve issues and develop healthy habits that are important for a long-lasting and satisfying relationship.

Service member hugs his wife
Understanding Jealousy, Preserving Trust

How you and your partner deal with jealousy is crucial to maintaining trust and avoiding more serious problems.