When it comes down to it, life is about relationships, whether it’s with a partner, your children or work colleagues. As a guardian of our country, you know that maintaining strong relationships with fellow service members and commanders is key. Make sure you don’t shortchange or take for granted your relationships with family members. Military OneSource can help you bolster your connections at home.


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Service member on video chat with family.
Husband and wife in uniform
Husband and wife do an exercise together
Hand signing papers
Couple in mediation
Child hands drawing on paper
A man and woman holding hands.
A man and a woman stand back to back.
married couple holding hands
woman with her arm around woman who is upset
Service member hugs his wife
A man sits with his face down and his hands on his head
Service member hugging spouse.
Couple at ball
Mother kisses her baby while holding him.
Man in Army t-shirt does push-ups
Man sits on aircraft carrier flight deck
Talking couple embrace
Mother and her children reading a book in the living room.
Back view of father holding son.
Group of women taking yoga class
Law office with service member in background
Service member embraces with his wife and child.
Service member using notarizer
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