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Better Relationships Within Your Reach

Find free tools to reinforce relationships with the people you love.


All relationships require maintenance – even the good ones – and the logistics of military life can add challenges. We offer several resources to help you keep the bonds in your life strong. From friendships to romantic relationships and parent-child connections, you have expert support to repair rifts and rebuild better.

Tens of thousands of service members and military spouses have already used these resources to build more rewarding, more resilient relationships.

Five Free Resources To Reinvigorate Your Relationships

Discover our wide range of relationship support services and tools below. Not sure where to start? Explore the Relationship Resource Tool for a list of tailored benefits, information and services.

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"Love Every Day" Texts To Rekindle the Romance

What is it? Texting prompts
Who’s it for? Military couples
Duration: 21 days

"Love Every Day" is a free tool that helps you develop and practice good relationship communication in only a few minutes each day. Sign up with your partner and get personalized text messages for 21 days to build a renewed sense of connection.

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Quick Checkup with a Relationship Pro

What is it? Online questions then a quick in-person session
Who’s it for? Military couples
Duration: 2-3 sessions

Relationship Checkups ask military couples to answer a few online questions and then meet in person with a Military and Family Life Counselor to talk through their results. They walk away with research-based suggestions and actionable next steps. Learn more and see if your local military and family support center is participating.

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Personalized Coaching for Healthy Relationships

What is it? Coaching by phone or video chat
Who’s it for? Single service members, military spouses and military couples
Duration: 6-9 weeks

"Building Healthy Relationships" specialty consultations offer service members and military spouses personalized coaching to improve all kinds of relationship. Complete the curriculum as an individual or together with your partner. There are six tracks you can pick from:

  • Strengthening the Couple Connection
  • Healthy Parent-Child Connections
  • Communication Refreshers
  • Staying Connected While Away
  • Reconnecting After Deployment
  • Blended Family
  • MilSpouse Toolkit

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OurRelationship® Online Program

What is it? Interactive online activities
Who’s it for? Military couples
Duration: 4-6 weeks

OurRelationship® is a free online program that walks couples through the steps of identifying, exploring and addressing a core issue together. Complete and share activities as a couple only, or loop in a professional relationship coach. You can take this flexible program at your pace, so it's perfect for busy and geographically separated couples.

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Someone To Talk To

What is it? In person, online or phone-based counseling to help address issues and stressors
Who’s it for? Single service members, military spouses, military couples and military kids ages 6 to 17
Duration: Up to 12 sessions

Offered through Military OneSource or the Military Family Life Counseling Program, confidential non-medical counseling gives individuals or couples a safe space to talk through stressors and find smart solutions to improve all kinds of relationships. Choose from face-to-face counseling, phone, live chat and video sessions.


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If you aren’t sure which type of relationship support is right for you, talk to us about your options. Our consultants can help you find backup that fits your needs.

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Note: Relationship support is most effective when both partners are committed to working together. These resources and services are not recommended for couples with a history of domestic abuse, or for partners seeking help for a relationship with patterns of control or violence. If you have concerns about your relationship or are experiencing abuse, contact a Family Advocacy Program domestic abuse victim advocate for resources and support. Use the Domestic Abuse Victim Advocate Locator to find the FAP office nearest to you. Depending on your situation, FAP may provide counseling and emotional support, emergency support services, housing, or financial and legal assistance.

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