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Military Spouses: Find Support From a Peer

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Attention military spouses: Whether you’re new to the military community or a seasoned spouse, we can all find some solace in talking with a peer who has been there/done that.

That’s where Military OneSource’s peer-to-peer specialty consultations come in – a free resource you’ll want to add as a “favorite” contact on your phone.

Peer consultants are veterans and military spouses who can:

  • Answer questions about military culture and life
  • Provide installation and community-based resources and make three-way calls with you on the line
  • Offer supportive listening and coaching.

Why request a session with a peer consultant?

Everyone can benefit from talking with someone who really gets it. Peer consultants provide a helping hand and a shoulder to lean on from the perspective of someone who has walked a similar path as a military spouse. As trusted members of the military community, peer consultants connect you to other spouses and members of the community. Reasons to consider a peer-to-peer specialty consultation include:

  • You’re a new spouse who could use some help understanding all the military acronyms and lingo, or navigating the waters of military life.
  • You recently moved to a new duty station and could use a sympathetic ear until you find your new group of friends.
  • Your spouse is deployed; you want someone to talk to about your concerns, how to address questions from family members or what the best tools are for a smooth reunion.
  • Your service member is about to retire or separate; you have questions about the transition and the best ways to support your spouse.
  • You need a little help with communication and sustaining a healthy military marriage.
  • You need information on military services, benefits, programs and supportive resources.

Peer consultants can also connect you with Military OneSource services such as financial counseling, spouse education and employment, non-medical counseling and more.

There is no limit to the number of sessions you can have with your peer consultant or the issues you can address with them. Contact Military OneSource today at 800-342-9647. Living OCONUS? View calling options or use our convenient live chat feature. Excel as a military spouse. Connect with a peer consultant today.

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