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10 Reasons Why the Military Is a Great Career Choice

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When your loved one decides to join the military, they’re taking an important step toward a great career path. As a parent, relative or significant other of someone who has joined the military – or is considering doing so – rest assured that there are many career and personal opportunities available to them.

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  1. Job security: The military is constantly recruiting for new service members, even when the economy is tough. There are many types of jobs in the military, and with the abundance of training provided, your service member is almost certain to earn promotions and advance their military career. Even after the military, service members have their training to rely on to help them find a job.
  2. Full medical coverage: The military offers complete coverage for its service members through TRICARE, the Department of Defense’s comprehensive medical insurance program. TRICARE offers several health plans to fit the needs of your service member and their immediate family members.
  3. Retirement plan: The Blended Retirement System offers a 401(k)-like savings account to help your service member secure their finances for retirement. The BRS rivals retirement plans found in the private sector. Just like a 401(k) plan, service members can choose between a traditional or Roth account. Whether they decide to retire from the military or not, there are benefits for anyone who invests.
  4. GI Bill benefits: When your service member wants to pursue higher education, the Department of Veterans Affairs can cover the cost of education and training for active duty and veterans. In some cases, service members can transfer their education benefits to dependents. Depending on length of service, service members have the choice between the Post-9/11 GI Bill or the Montgomery GI Bill.
  5. Leadership skills: In the military, there is always the opportunity for professional growth. Your service member will be expected not only to excel at their job, but to learn to lead others as they move up the ranks. With year-round training, service members will leave the military with some level of leadership skills.
  6. Financial perks: Besides a retirement plan, service members get a range of money-related benefits, ranging from tax-free allowances and shopping at exchanges to free MilTax tax services and free financial counseling.
  7. Resources to support a healthy MilLife: Service members are required to maintain a certain level of physical readiness and there are plenty of resources to help keep them on track through Military OneSource including:
  8. Resources for the entire family: Service members, their spouses and children have access to many of the same benefits and resources listed above, as well as lots of others like:
  9. Travel and vacation time: Members of the military get to see the world and areas of our own country they may not otherwise have a chance of visiting. They’ll discover new places and cultures. Service members receive two and a half days a month for leave or vacation time, not including all the federal holidays. When time allows, your service member can enjoy great vacations, especially with some of the perks that are offered to them like Space -A travel and discounts offered through American Forces Travel℠.
  10. A fulfilling and patriotic career choice: There is no higher honor than defending our nation and serving our country. Those who serve in the military are both warriors and guardians of the United States.

Whether the economy is doing well or not, the military is a great option for your loved one to choose as a career. You can have a sense of pride and security knowing they are serving their country and are taken care of as service members.

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