You never have to go it alone when you’re a member of the military community. Whether you’re adjusting to military life, raising children far from family or searching for answers to your questions, support is available. Find resources on Military OneSource to help you thrive in military life.

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Beyond Your Service Member’s Pay: The Benefits of Military Service

As a member of your service member’s support network, you may have heard the good news that both active duty and reserve military personnel received a 3.1% military pay raise in 2020 – among the biggest in a decade. Beyond the salary bump, you’ll be glad to know that your loved one has several ways to be financially fit.

Single Marine Program hiking together
Supporting Single Service Members Through a Breakup or Divorce

Breakups can be tough. With your support and the many resources available through the Defense Department, your service member does not have to go through it alone.

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Education Opportunities for Your Service Member

The military offers benefits that can help your service member pay for higher education while in the service and after transitioning to civilian life.

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Supporting Your New Recruit’s Preparation for Basic Training or Boot Camp

Getting in shape for basic training starts at home. Find out how you can help your new recruit start off with strength and stamina.

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Respite Care Services for Families With Special Needs
Taking care of a family member with special needs can be more than a full-time job. As a parent and/or caregiver, it’s natural to want to give your all to your loved one, but everyone needs a break, whether that’s to go to an appointment, run err...
Family with adopted sons
Foster Parenting and Military Adoption

Military families who adopt or foster provide loving homes to children who need them. Learning about adopting or fostering while in the military will help you support your loved ones as they go through the process.

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Remember America’s Military Heroes on Memorial Day Weekend

On the last Monday in May, our nation honors the selfless heroes who gave their lives to defend the land we love and the freedoms we believe everyone deserves.

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Taking Care of Yourself During Times of Stress and Grief

Taking care of your emotional well-being will help keep you strong for your service member and other loved ones. Learn ways to practice self-care when stress or grief build up.

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Military Moves 101 — Your Service Member’s First PCS

Relocating to new parts of the country — or the world — is part of the adventure of military service. Learn how the DOD makes PCS moves easier for service members.

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Military Parenting — From Family Leave to Child Care Options and Beyond

Military parents don’t always have it easy, but they never have to do it alone. Learn about the different types of support available to help your service member and their family thrive.

Tax review for Marines
MilTax: Free Tax Return Filing Help for Your Service Member

If your service member has recently entered the military, you may now lose the ability to claim them as a dependent. On top of that, this may be the first time your loved one has ever had to file a tax return.

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Free Resources for Service Members to Gain Financial Security

From budgeting and car buying to building a good credit score or getting a handle on student loans, your service member has access to several free benefits and protections to help them gain firm financial footing.

Military spouses and personnel compete in a corn eating contest
Connecting to the Community

Joining a community of military spouses gives you a place where you can ask questions, offer support and make life-long friends. Here are a few ideas on how to build your network of friends and fellow military spouses.

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How to Support Your Service Member Before Deployment

Your service member has just told you that they’ve received “orders to mobilize” – that means they’ll soon be deployed. This is the moment they have trained for since they entered basic training: preparing to serve a greater mission wherever and whenever they are needed.

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Keeping Occupied During Your Loved One’s Deployment

It’s not unusual to have emotional ups and downs during a loved one’s deployment. Tend to your well-being and plan for your service member’s return with these suggestions

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About Morale, Welfare and Recreation: Supporting the Military Community

Morale, Welfare and Recreation offers many options for service members to relax and have fun during their free time.

Service members and spouses during naturalization ceremony
U.S. Immigration Rules for Military Family Members

The U.S. government extends certain immigration benefits to close family of service members. Learn about these provisions and whether you might qualify.

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Deployment Basics for Friends and Family

The deployment cycle is the period of time from the notification of a deployment, through pre-deployment training, through the deployment, and immediately after deployment. Every deployment cycle is different, but here are some general things to know.

A male Air Force captain listens to a radio during an outdoor training exercise.
Common Military Acronyms

Sometimes it feels like the military has a language all its own made entirely of acronyms and abbreviations. And while your service member is probably fluent in this strange tongue, you may need a little help to keep up.

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Your Service Member’s Well-Being: Mental Health Services for the Military

A range of mental health services are available to service members through the Department of Defense.

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Understanding and Supporting the Military Spouse in Your Life

The life of a military spouse is unique. Learn about the ways spouses contribute to the military community.

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This Memorial Day: Honor Heroes and Make Meaningful Connections With Your Service Member

Whether your service member is near or far, you can mark the day together in ways that are particularly meaningful to you.

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Staying Financially Fit With Financial Assistance, Counseling and Resources

Your service member doesn’t have to face financial hardship alone. Free information, resources and counseling are available.

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LGBTQ in the Military: A Brief History, Current Policies and Safety

Since 2011, openly gay, lesbian and bisexual men and women have been permitted to serve in the military. Acceptance for LGBTQ in the military expanded with the lifting of the transgender ban in 2021.

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Support Groups for Parents of Service Members

Having a son or daughter in the military can bring about a host of emotions, from pride in their service to concern for their safety. It’s natural to want to connect with other parents like you.