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Reentering the civilian world is often the perfect time to get your degree or find that great civilian job. As a service member, you’ve proven your commitment, discipline and resourcefulness. Now the task is making sure those military accomplishments look their best on a civilian resume or transcript.

Explore tools for self-assessment

Finding a career that matches your skills and interests is key to job satisfaction. A satisfying job gives you a sense of accomplishment and makes good use of your skills. If you’re not sure about your career path after the military, take advantage of our career-related articles or some of the self-assessment tools available to you. These strategies can help you find a meaningful career, not just a job.


Credential your military experience

You have skills that employers value: discipline, work ethic and teamwork. Your military experience has also given you training that you can put to work in the civilian world. But sometimes, it can be a challenge to explain military training in terms civilian employers can understand. That’s where “Credentialing Opportunities On-Line” comes in. The COOL program helps you translate your training into civilian credentials and align your experience with what employers want.

Write a winning resume

Your resume is likely to be the first information about you that an employer will see. With your military service background, you already have impressive skills and knowledge. However, you might need some help marketing your experience on one sheet of paper to stand out. The following articles and resources provide tips on what to highlight, along with helpful resume-building tools.

Articles for writing a winning resume

Review tips for finding the right job

Ready to trade in your experience for a great job? Just like everything, it’s all about readiness and attitude. Start early. Be prepared. Go for it.

Articles for finding the right job

Learn about your benefits and resources

As you prepared for civilian employment, you’ll discover a world of services and programs committed to helping you transition from the military to a meaningful career. We’ve got your back. Here are resources you’ll need to go back to school or start a new job. You can tap into employment resources to connect with employers looking for veterans, employment benefits and assistance programs, and more tools to find success before and after you leave the military.

Information is power when it comes to a successful separation or transition from the military. Military OneSource provides an array of services to help you conclude your life as an active-duty service member and advance to the next step. Call 800-342-9647 for specialty consultations or to connect to a variety of other resources. OCONUS/Overseas? View calling options.

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