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Building a Support System

Episode By: EFMP Series
36 MinutesDec. 6, 2021
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Starting out in military life, particularly if your family has a member with special needs, can be overwhelming. You may have moved to a new location and want to connect with others but have no idea where to begin. What can you do to meet people, build a community and start thriving? Get tips on how to break into this wonderful, wacky world called MilLife. Learn how to get started when you’re new to the military, how to tackle and overcome common challenges, how to find and use available resources and how to make wonderful connections that can last a lifetime.


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This episode is part of the Office of Special Needs EFMP Podcast.

Experts share information for military families with special needs members.

Learn about military bases worldwide. Get installation overviews, check-in procedures, housing, neighborhood information, contacts for programs and services, photos and more.

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