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Making the Most of EFMP Family Support Services with the EFMP Family Needs Assessment

The Exceptional Family Member Program, or EFMP, Family Support is excited to introduce the DD Form 3054, EFMP Family Needs Assessment, or EFMP FNA. This newly standardized planning tool is now available across the Services to provide your family focused and consistent EFMP family support, regardless of where the military may take you.

How the EFMP Family Needs Assessment works

When you reach out to your local installation EFMP Family Support office and ask for support, a staff member will use an EFMP FNA to help you identify your family’s needs and organize and prioritize this information in a way that is easy to understand.

The EFMP FNA has three main components, which are completed by installation EFMP Family Support staff in collaboration with your family:

  1. The Family Needs Assessment – EFMP Family Support staff will ask you questions to gain an understanding of your family’s needs to provide context for services.
  2. The Family Services Plan – This section organizes your family’s strengths and goals while outlining strategies to meet those needs.
  3. The Inter-Services Transfer Summary, or ISTS – Lastly, the Inter-Services Transfer Summary provides losing and gaining EFMP Family Support offices a standardized way to communicate to one another when you are PCSing to a Sister-service location.

Based on the information gathered, your EFMP Family Support staff will assist you in connecting with military and community resources so that you and your family can gain the care and support you need. Best of all, you will have a written plan that you can take with you and refer to whenever and wherever you have questions.

Maintain your military family’s support throughout any life change – not just during PCS.

The EFMP FNA provides enhanced standardized support for families seeking assistance during life changes including:

  • Enrollment in EFMP
  • Requests for new referrals to available community support services
  • PCS
  • Births or deaths
  • Pending separation from the military

Regardless of the reason, you may request an EFMP FNA at any time.

Visit your local Military and Family Support Center to request an EFMP FNA or to learn more about DD Form 3054.

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