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Help Improve Support for Families with Special Needs

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The Department of Defense Office of Special Needs has created a new feedback tool to better understand families’ experiences with the Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support services.

The EFMP Family Support Feedback Tool is a voluntary and confidential online questionnaire that allows families to provide feedback about recent interactions with EFMP Family Support services. Responses will give the Office of Special Needs and military departments insight into what is working and what can be improved to help EFMP Family Support best meet families’ needs.

The responses will be used in program improvement and policy development.

How to access the EFMP Family Support Services Feedback Tool

EFMP Family Support logoThe feedback tool is available through local EFMP Family Support staff. After your next visit with EFMP Family Support services, whether it is virtual, by phone, email or in person, ask your provider for more information about the tool and how to access it online via Military OneSource.

If you had a great experience to share or have suggestions for improvement, the EFMP Family Support Services Feedback Tool is a great way to be heard.

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