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Community Capacity Building Courses

Two courses provide program professionals, both civilian and military, with strategies and tools to promote positive change in communities and increase capacity within an organization. The modules outline a set of principles and practices with broad application to families, communities and situations that result in improved lives.

Learn more about each of the Community Capacity Building courses below.

Community Capacity Building – 00 – 03 – Fundamentals

Looking to bring the community capacity building approach to your organization? Learn how to create a plan to build capacity in your community. With your fellow community members, you can create positive change. If you would like to further your education, please begin with Community Capacity Building – 04 – Advanced – Community Assessment.

Length: 4 hours
Audience: DoD Civilian, MC&FP staff, All, Service providers

Community Capacity Building – 04 – 09 – Advanced

Do you have an idea of how to build community capacity in your organization? Do you want to know how to go about implementing the community capacity building approach from start to finish? Community assessment is a key component of the community capacity building process. With the right tools and strategies, you can make a lasting difference. This course is a continuation of Community Capacity Building Fundamentals.

Length: 3 hours
Audience: All

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