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The MilFam 101 curriculum was developed in collaboration with the Office of Military Community and Family Policy, the service branches, joint service providers and university partners. The courses are designed to give a high-level overview of programs and services within the Military Family Readiness System, and provide core competency training for family readiness service providers and other personnel such as unit leaders, spouses and volunteers who support service members and their families. Course content encourages integrated service delivery, referrals and warm hand-offs.

MilFam101 is available online, at no cost, through MilLife Learning. There are 20 self-paced and engaging courses in all. You can participate in the full suite of courses or select certain ones based on your training plan, needs, goals or interests. Training action plans tailored to each course are available to extend your learning by helping you capture your goals and identify next steps, resources and people who can help you. The training action plan can be used as your own personal tool or can be easily integrated into your existing training or professional development plan.

Learn more about the MilFam 101 courses in the following descriptions.

MilFam 101 – 1.0 Introduction to MilFam 101

Three people watching computerWondering what the MilFam 101 courses can teach you? Take this introduction to learn about what is covered in the three distinct training tracks. Whether you are a new service provider, leader, unit volunteer or just interested in understanding military family readiness, this course is for you.

Length: 10 minutes

MilFam 101 – 1.1 Social Services Delivery Model

Dad holding childLearn how military family readiness addresses the complex challenges of military life. This course explores key components of the integrated social services delivery the Military Family Readiness System provides and how service providers support it.

Length: 40 minutes

MilFam 101 – 1.2 Performance Management Strategy

woman and two men having serious conversationLearn about the performance management strategy, and how it contributes to consistency and quality of military family readiness programs. Explore how service providers fit into the equation.

Length: 10 minutes

MilFam 101 – 2.0 Introduction to Core Competencies

man holding his two small childrenAre you a military family readiness service provider looking to increase your knowledge and skills but aren’t sure where to start? Take this to learn about the core competencies the MilFam 101 Track 2 courses cover. It’s a quick, high-level overview that can help you determine your next step.

Length: 10 minutes

MilFam 101 – 2.1 Communication

group of soldiers talkingCommunication is a critical skill. This course provides basic elements of effective communication you can use in both personal and professional settings. You’ll take away tips and techniques you can put into practice today.

Length: 30 – 40 minutes

MilFam 101 – 2.2 Intake and Assessment

two professionals having serious conversationLearn about skills to enhance your ability to understand your clients and their needs. This interactive course will help you develop skills to establish boundaries and rapport, understand your client, and use assessment strategies and tools.

Length: 30 – 40 minutes

MilFam 101 – 2.3 Crisis and Intervention

professional woman counseling another womanCrisis can result from a variety of life events. Military families live with the possibility of crisis on a daily basis. Learn techniques you can use to help you assess, stabilize, provide short-term crisis management, and follow up with clients in crisis.

Length: 30 minutes

MilFam 101 – 2.4 Collaboration and Relationship Building

group discussionCollaboration is key to integrated support and building community capacity. Help military families by learning how to develop your collaboration and relationship-building skills with this fun and interactive course.

Length: 30 minutes

MilFam 101 – 2.5 Compassion Fatigue

Service member talking to counselorCaring for others draws on internal strengths and compassion. Providing care and support to others can be both rewarding and stressful. Discover the signs of compassion fatigue and learn how to prevent and address it.

Length: 30 minutes

MilFam 101 – 2.6 Facilitation and Briefing Skills

expert teaching two womenTake this course to enhance your skills in facilitation and briefing. You’ll learn how to make the most of your presentations and connect with your audience. If you want to learn about techniques you can use to engage more deeply with your audience, this course is for you.

Length: 20 minutes

MilFam 101 – 3.0 Introduction to Military Family Readiness Programs

soldier holding son with wifeLearn more about the MilFam 101 track three courses with this introduction. You will learn how the track three courses help develop an understanding of programs that contribute to the integrated support the Military Family Readiness System provides.

Length: 10 minutes

MilFam 101 – 3.1 Emergency Family Assistance

guardsmen activated for winter stormLearn how military family readiness service providers contribute to Emergency Family Assistance. Explore the components of Emergency Family Assistance to include planning, coordination of services, activation of Emergency Family Assistance Centers, and real world examples.

Length: 45 minutes

MilFam 101 – 3.2 Exceptional Family Member Program

Mother and child with disabilities looking at computerLearn about the Defense Department commitment to providing consistent, high-quality support to military families with special needs. Explore the EFMP Family Support component to include services, strategies, family needs assessment and services planning. You will learn how these elements provide critical support to military families.

Length: 30-40 minutes

MilFam 101 – 3.3 Family Advocacy Program

smiling military couple with two kidsLearn about the Family Advocacy Program, an integral part of the Military Family Readiness System. Explore how we all play an important role in preventing violence and abuse. You’ll learn about the continuum of services that build on individual and family strengths, increase protective factors and promote safety and well-being.

Length: 40-50 minutes

MilFam 101 – 3.4 Financial Readiness

financial goalsFinancial readiness is a critical component of military readiness. Explore financial readiness tools and services such as the financial action plan, mandatory education touch points, education and counseling and consumer protection and advocacy.

Length: 50 minutes

MilFam 101 – 3.5 Supporting Military and Family Transitions

woman packing moving boxUse this course to learn about military family transition programs and support services. Explore three major military and family transitions, relocation, transitioning from military service to civilian life and the phases of deployment. Discover how military family readiness is designed to support the unique needs of service members and families.

Length: 45 minutes

MilFam 101 – 3.6 Volunteer Management

helping at food bankLearn how volunteers contribute to the military mission. Explore volunteer management principles, recognition and retention efforts, and the various aspects of recruitment, training and supervision.

Length: 30-40 minutes

MilFam 101 – 3.7 Non-medical Counseling

counselor talking to soldierDiscover how non-medical counseling services address personal and family issues so they do not detract from military mission readiness. Explore the strengths-based non-medical counseling support available to increase individual and family member competencies and confidence.

Length: 50 minutes

MilFam 101 – 3.8 Employment Readiness

women at job fair talking to soldierExplore how employment-readiness resources help military service members and their families navigate the mobile military lifestyle, promote positive adjustment and contribute to financial readiness and military retention. Learn about services that help build employment-related skills, and assist with access to education, career planning, preparation and support.

Length: 40 minutes

MilFam 101 – 3.9 Information and Referral

Explore how information and referral, as a stand-alone or integrated throughout the Military Family Readiness System, is essential to helping develop new skills, address challenges and locate and utilize services to meet needs. Learn how information and referral connects people to resources and services both on and off installation.

Length: 30 minutes

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