The Department of Defense partners with research organizations to learn about how to improve outcomes for military families. This research is useful to members of the military community, service providers and others, including government agencies, media, researchers and advocacy groups.


An Early Evaluation of the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship for Military Spouses, Laura L. Miller, David Knopp, Katharina Ley Best, Esther M. Friedman, Gabriella C. Gonzalez, Mark E. Totten, Jennie W. Wenger, Thomas E. Trail, Marek N. Postard, Ernesto F. L. Amaral

An Early Evaluation of the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship for Military Spouses

My Career Advancement Account, or MyCAA, Scholarships are intended to help military spouses with education and employment. This Department of Defense sponsored RAND report evaluates MyCAA use, employment and earnings of eligible spouses, and service continuation of their service members.

An Evaluation of U.S. Military Non-Medical Counseling Programs, Thomas E. Trial, Laurie T. Martin, Lane F. Burgette, Linnea Warren May, Ammarah Mahmud, Nupur Nanda, Anita Chandra

An Evaluation of U.S. Military Non-Medical Counseling Programs

RAND’s National Defense Research Institute evaluated whether non-medical counseling provided through the Military and Family Life Counseling and Military OneSource programs was effective in improving outcomes for U.S. service members and their families, and whether effectiveness varied by problem type and/or population.


Military Research and Outreach logo

Military REACH makes research about military families accessible and practical for military families, direct service helping professionals, and those who work on behalf of military families. The program evaluates research articles that have implications for military family life and summarizes key findings, making academic and scientific research more accessible to a wider audience. Military REACH holds more than 2,600 articles in its library.


Military Family Life Project

This ground breaking longitudinal survey of military members and their spouses explored how military life events impact the well-being of spouses and children over time.