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The State Licensing and Career Credentials Initiative for Military Spouses

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The state licensing and career credentials initiative is designed to help make it easier for military spouses to transition their credentials to a new state. Whether you’re already a licensed or certified professional, or are planning to become one, the process will now be easier for service members and their spouses when relocating. Don’t let a move and change of license stand in the way of your next job.

New options for licensure and certifications

To date, all states except New York and the District of Columbia have made progress toward licensing portability. Once the initiative is in effect, you’ll have three options for getting credentialed when you move:

  • Licensure through endorsement. This option will let you prove your expertise and skill set by completing continuing education units, or through recent work or volunteer experience, (at least two years of experience within the five years before you submit your application).
  • Temporary licensure. Many states will give you a temporary license when you show proof of a current license or certification. You can work while completing the requirements for your new state credentials, or while waiting for an endorsement.
  • Faster processes for issuing licenses. Some states will approve a license if the application is correct and verified by affidavit or sworn statement. Other states will allow the supervising agency director to approve applications on behalf of the licensing boards. These options won’t change the quality standards in licensed or certified professions, so you’ll still have to meet the required qualifications.

Licensed occupations

Visit the CareerOneStop Licensed Occupations page to find out which occupations and states require a license or certification. The page describes the profession, provides the name and address of the licensing agency, and lists the types of licenses required. Some of the many occupations requiring licensing or certification include healthcare, education, real estate, childcare and food services.

For more information on how to continue your career after a move, speak with a Spouse Education and Career Opportunities career coach at 800-342-9647.

Spouse licensure reimbursement policies for PCS moves

In some cases, your license may not transfer to a new state. If you move due to a permanent change of station and pursue the same licensure or certification in your new location, you can apply for up to $1,000 in reimbursement of relicensure or certification fees from your service branch.

For more information on how to continue your career after a move, speak with a Spouse Education and Career Opportunities career coach at 800-342-9647.

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