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Understanding the Military Spouse Preference Program

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Military spouses are given certain preferences when applying for Department of Defense civilian jobs.

With the help of the Military Spouse Preference program, you can build your career as you move with the military. Make sure you’ve confirmed the following when looking for a job after relocating:

  • Eligibility — You must be an accompanied spouse of an active-duty military member with PCS orders, have been married prior to his or her reporting date to the new duty station, and provide a copy of your sponsor’s orders that lists you as a family member.
  • Application Procedures — Contact the human resources office at your new duty station or visit Military OneSource’s MilitaryINSTALLATIONS to apply for military spouse preference.
  • Vacancy availability — Military spouse preference applies to appropriated fund vacancies in all positions designated for U.S. citizens. Military spouse preference also applies to nonappropriated fund positions at grade NF-3 and below.
  • Usage requirements of military spouse preference — You may apply for positions using your military spouse preference until you either accept or decline a permanent and appropriated or nonappropriated fund position. You will not lose your military spouse preference if you accept or decline a temporary position.

Get energized about your career. The Military Spouse Preference program can help you find your next job as you move with the military, even when you go overseas. Visit the Department of Defense’s Priority Placement Program to find out how it can help you pursue a civil service career.

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