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8 Rewards of Tobacco-Free Living

Broken cigarette

The benefits of quitting tobacco are limitless and start immediately. Your health and your finances are just the beginning of what you’ll improve for both yourself and your family. Here are eight of the many benefits you’ll experience with a new, tobacco-free life.

  1. Save your dough. Keep hundreds of dollars in your pocket by kicking smoking. Tobacco is expensive and it adds up every week. Cutting it from your budget leaves you with more money every year.
  2. Save your heart. You can have healthy blood pressure and a normal heart rate by showing tobacco the door. This also helps reduce the risk of stroke.
  3. Save your mouth. Enjoy a lifetime of eating well when you avoid the kind of gum disease and mouth cancer tobacco can cause.
  4. Save your lungs. Breathe freely when you don’t have to worry as much about lung disease. You can also huff and puff a little less during exercise.
  5. Save your baby. You can be a hero by saying “no” to tobacco, which can cause health complications and birth defects in unborn babies.
  6. Save your whole family. Show your kids, spouse and everyone else how to live a healthy lifestyle so no one needs to suffer the consequences of tobacco use. Be an example of healthy living by never starting or by working to quit.
  7. Save your sanity. You can kick addiction when you decide tobacco isn’t the way to go.
  8. Save your future. Choose to never use, or commit to quit. The good decision you make right now will pay off sooner rather than later.

There are plenty of resources to help you quit smoking and get healthier. Don’t go it alone, YouCanQuit2. Military OneSource also is by your side with resources as you take this important step toward better health. Reach out for health and wellness coaching to help with stress management or start a physical fitness routine.

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