The MilFam 101 online courses have been updated to improve the user training experience. Content and delivery are now more interactive, providing tools to help continue learning beyond the courses. Users can go at their own pace and select courses that best fit their needs.

MilFam 101 primarily focuses on supporting new military family readiness service providers but can also be a great refresher for seasoned team members. The courses complement existing training by providing a high-level overview of how integrated programs and services contribute to the Military Family Readiness System. Command teams, to include leaders, their spouses and unit family readiness volunteers, can also benefit from completing the courses.

Course content is applicable across services and installations. It helps explain:

  • How military family readiness programs address identified needs of service members and their families
  • Programs and services available within the Military Family Readiness System
  • The role of military family readiness service providers in building resilience and readiness in our military community
  • The new Training Action Plan tool helps users chart a course for continued professional development. Training Action Plans can also be shared with supervisors, trainers or peers to enhance existing training plans. Sign-up is easy and secure through MilLife Learning, and courses are available at no cost.

For more information about each module, see the overview of MilFam 101 courses on Military OneSource.