Guidelines & Policy

This section includes important brand usage information, guidelines and policies for using, referencing or linking to Military Community and Family Policy brands, including Military OneSource and the network of MC&FP websites and applications.

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Logo Use

Department of Defense employees may use the Military OneSource and the network of Military Community and Family Policy program logos on Department of Defense media. All others must request permission to use logos or word marks.

Request for Permission to Use the Military OneSource or other MC&FP Program Logos or Word Marks (Official Graphical Identifiers)

Military Community and Family Policy is the approving authority for use of MC&FP graphical logos or word marks by entities external to the department or purposes other than standard official usages.

The department has a concurrence system to process requests for use of the identifiers. Click here to initiate the process.

Without an official association with the department, and explicit input from MC&FP, requests may take longer to review.

For MC&FP Partners

If you are a recipient of funding and/or support, coordinate with the respective MC&FP program office, including Military OneSource, for their preferred recognition or requirements for funding/support. Recipients can initiate a request – name and contact information for the respective MC&FP program office is required. Requests not coordinated with the respective program office may take longer to process. Ultimately, input is required from a federal employee at MC&FP.

For Other Organizations

If your organization is not an official partner with MC&FP and it supports the military community, provide a description of the support and how the connection to Military OneSource would be beneficial.

For All Requests

Explicitly describe the desired use of the Military OneSource graphical identifier. When possible, provide a mock-up. Include the following with the request: where will it be used; how it will it be used; what information with which it is associated; and if it will be used on a website, provide the URL. Be sure to specify how and where the identifier will be used for each desired use. Detailed information is required for a thorough review and informed decision.

  • For most external uses of our graphical identifier, provide qualifying wording to explain why it is there. Common qualifiers include “Funding provided by” and “Support provided by.” The explanation cannot have an appearance of endorsement of any private company, service or product.
  • What is the relationship between the department and this external entity or non-Military OneSource usage?
  • Allow several business days for MC&FP to process the request.
  • Specify your involvement with the request and provide your contact information. Include your organization, title, involvement with the project, and any involvement with the department.

Public Affairs Information

The Military OneSource website and the network of MC&FP websites, applications and programs are a part of the Department of Defense and cannot post any product endorsements or provide preferential treatment to commercial websites. Submit any questions here.

For Department of Defense Employees

MC&FP logos and word marks are official graphical identifiers of department programs and are for official use only to represent the department's official position. They may be used to recognize funding or official support by the department if the usage has proper qualifying language to explain its presence on non-Department of Defense or Military OneSource materials and it is reviewed and explicitly approved by the department. They cannot be used in a manner that has an implied or explicit endorsement of any private company, service, or product.

A federal Department of Defense employee may use the graphical identifiers on official Department of Defense media, employing proper discretion that the usage is appropriate.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines provide guidance and specifications for use of graphic materials from the Military OneSource website and the network of MC&FP websites, applications and programs, including logos, colors, type, photography direction and other elements of graphic use.

Refer to the Programs page to review visual style guides for specifications and usage requirements.