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Your overseas, or OCONUS, move may take you to Europe, Asia or another corner of the globe. This can be one of the most rewarding parts of your military experience. Military OneSource is here with relocation assistance as well as online tools and personalized support that will help you master your move.

Moving logistics

  • The moment you receive your orders, get organized with Plan My Move, an invaluable online tool for your PCS. With just three pieces of information – your current and new installations and your estimated moving date – you can set up a personal calendar and figure out which forms you’ll need from day one.
  • Your installation’s transportation office and Move.mil can set up the logistics for your move.
  • Use the It’s Your Move guide for details on what to pack, where to store it if you can’t, how to document everything, and file an insurance claim if there’s any damage.
  • Experts at the Relocation Assistance Program offer one-on-one advice on how to make the move and can point you to workshops and classes on specific topics.
  • Individual financial counseling is available through Military OneSource 24/7 for service members or family members with any specific questions about budgets or moving expenses.

Your new home

  • Settling into your new installation in your new host country will take some adjustment. MilitaryINSTALLATIONS has articles, maps, photos and and information to adjust to your new community.
  • A sponsor who has a similar rank and family status can show you and your family around your new home. He or she is a welcoming, friendly face to walk you through your early days there and answer any questions you might have.
  • Determine your housing allowance and expenses with tools on the Defense Travel Management Office website.

Family abroad

  • Apply for command sponsorship for permission to move your family overseas.
  • Once there, your spouse can search for job opportunities both on the installation and in the local community through the Spouse Education and Career Opportunities network.
  • Help your kids adjust to the move and explore their new home and community with Military Kids Connect where you’ll find education resources and services for any age. Connect your child(s) with a youth sponsor.
  • If you find a romantic partner while abroad and want to marry, Military OneSource offers free translation services for any legal documents you’ll need.


  • Use the Weight Table and Estimator to determine how much you can pack according to your specific weight allowance.
  • If you have a car, use the tools from Defense Finance and Accounting Services to make sure you have the right documentation and licenses needed to operate the vehicle overseas.
  • Take advantage of the Loan Closet to borrow certain household items at your new location. Services vary by installation.

Moving is always an experience. Moving overseas is an adventure on a different scale. With these tools and the resources available through Military OneSource, you’ll be able to seize the adventure and master your move.