One of the benefits of the military is the opportunity to experience life in different parts of the world – the chance to live in diverse culture and environments. Military OneSource is available 24/7 anywhere in the world with comprehensive moving resources, relocation assistance and personalized support to help you seize your next adventure.

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Marine father holds daughter
Your OCONUS Move: Planning, Resources and Tips

An overseas PCS requires lots of preparation. From finding housing, scheduling shipments and financial readiness, to requesting a sponsor — we have the overseas relocation support you need.

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Moving Overseas With Children

Moving overseas is an adventure that few families get the chance to experience together. Foreign countries with different languages and customs offer opportunities for kids to explore and learn.

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Living Overseas on Military Pay: What to Expect

Overseas or OCONUS permanent change of station orders can be exciting, especially if you’ve never been outside of the continental United States. The military can help you with the added costs of an international move and living expenses abroad.

Dog in carrier ready for move
Moving with Pets

When you’re preparing for a military move, having a pet can add another layer of complexity, particularly if you’re moving overseas. But you know the drill: spend some upfront time planning and preparing, and you can ease some of the stress of relocating for both you and your pet.

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Obtaining Command Sponsorship Before an OCONUS Military Move

One of the benefits of military life is the unique opportunity to experience life in different parts of the world and the chance to create a nest in a new place.

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How to Get Your Household Goods Overseas

If you’re moving overseas, you may be focused on the new job, new culture and new opportunities that await you abroad.

Container ship in a harbor
6 Things to Know About Shipping a Car Overseas

Overseas orders can be an exciting adventure for military families, but you will need to do a little additional work and planning if you are going to take your privately owned vehicle, or POV, with you.

Airport Check-in
Passenger and Pet Transportation for PCS Moves

Check out essential information regarding passenger and pet travel for your PCS or military move.

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Celebrating the Holidays at an Overseas Duty Station

The chance to live overseas together is an exciting opportunity for military families.

Festival in Japan
How to Adjust to a Foreign Culture

Living abroad is an exciting opportunity to experience diverse cultures and environments and to meet people from all over the world.

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Finding a Job Overseas as a Military Spouse

Depending on your individual interests and skills, there are many job opportunities available to you while you’re living overseas. Here are a few things to consider as you prepare your resume and begin to explore what job opportunities await you during your time abroad.