Welcome to parenthood. It is the most rewarding and challenging job you’ll likely have. As a warrior, you understand you need to rely on others for mission success. Military OneSource is an integral part of your parenting support team. Let us connect you to valuable intel, resources and benefits to make the parenting process easier and help you enjoy these first stages of parenthood.

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Family sitting on couch with child hugging mother
12 Can’t-Miss Parenting Resources for Military Parents

From new parent support assistance to newsletters packed with information, military parents have access to numerous resources to make your job of raising kids a little easier and a lot more fun.

Women attend a new mom class
The New Parent Support Program

The New Parent Support Program helps military parents, including expectant parents, transition successfully into parenthood and provides a nurturing environment for their children.

Service member embraces his newborn baby
Military OneSource’s New MilParent Specialty Consultation

Get expert support preparing for parenthood and navigating those first years as a military parent with Military OneSource’s New MilParent Specialty Consultation.

Navy father with wife and child
New Military Parents: 8 Ways to Keep Your Child Safe, Happy and Healthy

Welcome to parenthood — probably the most rewarding and challenging job you’ll ever have. As a warrior, you’re trained to depend on your team to operate at your highest level. Parenting is a team effort as well. In addition to assistance from family, friends and community, you can rely on Military OneSource to be part of your parenting team.

A parent holds their newborn's hand
Potential Signs of Postpartum Depression

While the “baby blues” are common for many women after giving birth, some face a more severe and prolonged state of sadness and anxiety known as postpartum mood disorders. Help is available.

Young child hugging father
Military Parenting — From Family Leave to Child Care Options and Beyond

Military parents don’t always have it easy, but they never have to do it alone. Learn about the different types of support available to help your service member and their family thrive.

Children play outside
How to Communicate With Children From Birth to 5 Years

The way your child communicates will change a lot between birth and the age of five, and children have a language of their own. Knowing what to expect can help you understand and respond to your child in meaningful ways.

Mother feeding baby with toddler nearby
Tips for Disciplining Your Child

Misbehavior is a natural part of growing up. However, dealing with it as a parent requires lots of deep breathing, patience and strategies for discipline.

Newborn baby girl sleeps
How Military Parents Can Create Safe Sleeping Environments for Infants

One of the easiest ways for military parents to keep your children safe – and avoid the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS – is to arrange for a safe sleep place before your infant comes home from the hospital.

Service member watches video of child being born
Becoming a New Father While You’re Deployed

Don’t let the stress of deployment spoil the bliss you feel as an expectant father. Even if you won’t be there for the delivery, you can still experience the joys of new fatherhood.

Service Member hugs his young children.
Protect Your Children from Health Risks by Building Family Resilience

As a parent, being aware of factors that can impact your child’s well-being – even into adulthood – is mission-critical. Research shows that when a child has a secure bond or attachment with their parent or caregiver, they can better manage stress.