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You can reinvigorate military marriages and reinforce resilience by sharing "Re the We."

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Military life can be extra tough on couples, and relationship issues can impact focus, performance and health. Relationship stressors have even been found to be a risk factor for suicide.

"Re the We" is a campaign that aims to help military couples, and your support can maximize its impact. We need your stories to help normalize help-seeking. We need you to tell military couples about "Re the We" and other sources of military relationship support.

Your engagement can make a difference. You can help make it okay for people with a muscle-through mentality to get reinforcements for their most important military backup — each other.

Tell couples where to get help:

Our "Re the We" landing page for couples is full of relationship resources.

5 Ways You Can Help Military Relationships

Since its launch in fall of 2020, the "Re the We" campaign has reached millions of people. We need your help to reach millions more. Join our partnership and help spread the word — your support is mission-critical.

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When "We" Doesn't Work Out

Adjusting to the single life can be challenging. Help service members bounce back post-breakup with “Re the Me” resources. Check out relatable videos, free tools and other support you can pass along to help them watch out for maladaptive coping behaviors and rebuild their well-being.

"Re the We" Overview Video

Share this video with your network and ask them to get engaged with the "Re the We" campaign.

Questions? Suggestions?

We need your feedback and ideas to better support military couples. Reach out to share your thoughts or request additional information.

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