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OurRelationship — Flexible Online Support for Military Couples

Many couples have times when their relationship could use some help. But not every couple needs the same kind of help, or in the same way. OurRelationship is a flexible, online, evidence-based tool that gives military couples the choice to work on their own or with a coach to strengthen their relationship. It is tailored to the military community and free for active-duty, Guard and reserve couples.

How OurRelationship works

OurRelationship consists of online activities to solve relationship problems. Couples can choose which issues to focus on, including these common ones:

  • Communication and conflict
  • Emotional distance and love
  • Trust

Couples can complete the online activities together or separately, making it ideal for those separated because of deployment or other reasons.

Coaching option

Couples who choose the OurRelationships coaching option are more likely to complete the program and get more out of it. Their online activities are reinforced with phone or video calls with a coach. This option:

  • Includes five weekly 20-minute calls with a coach who helps you tailor the online program and activities to meet your needs.
  • Can be completed on your schedule, days, evenings or weekends.
  • Allows participants to select their coach. They can learn about the coaches by browsing the OurRelationships website. Some coaches have a military background.

Self-guided option

Couples who choose the self-guided option complete the online activities without outside support. The self-guided option:

  • Is good for highly-motivated couples.
  • Encourages structured conversations and includes tasks to complete outside of the reading material and video content.
  • Includes feedback tailored to the couple’s responses.

Both the self-guided and coaching options take four to six weeks to complete.

Who can benefit from OurRelationship

OurRelationship is one of the several relationship resources Military OneSource offers for free. The OurRelationship program is most helpful for couples who:

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Strengthen your relationship with this free, flexible, online program for military couples.

  • Are highly motivated and want to improve their relationship on their own.
  • Have only a few areas in their relationship they would like to improve.
  • Want to give their relationship a boost in a shorter timeframe.
  • Want a little additional support without the full commitment of a therapist or don’t want another person involved in helping them strengthen their relationship.
  • Need the flexibility of completing the program either separate from each other or outside of standard business hours.

The program requires a lot of reading, so is not recommended for those with difficulty in that area. It also requires access to technology, including internet.

More relationship support from Military OneSource

Service members and military couples have access to a range of relationship support resources designed to meet different needs. Learn about the many ways Military OneSource and the service branches support couples on the Re The We webpage. You’ll find resources, such as:

Not sure what kind of support you need? Contact Military OneSource for help determining the best type of relationship support for your MilLife. Call 800-342-9647 or start a live chat. OCONUS? Find international calling options. Take the first step toward a better relationship with your partner by starting the OurRelationship program with a coach, or by beginning the self-guided modules at your own pace.

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