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Free Resources for Service Members to Gain Financial Security

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From budgeting and car buying to building a good credit score or getting a handle on student loans, your service member has access to several free benefits and protections to help them gain firm financial footing.

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Financial protections for service members

Two laws — the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act and the Military Lending Act — afford your service member with several financial and legal protections as a benefit of military service, including reduced interest rates, protection from wrongful loan practices and the ability to terminate certain leases and contracts. Learn more about these protections.


    • The Defense Finance and Accounting Service offers service members a three-tiered retirement plan that spans from paying an equal amount of Social Security taxes to assisting military members with growing their finances through a long-term savings plan.
    • Retirement calculators can help your service member project their income when they retire from the military. The High-3 and Final Pay military retirement calculators are for those who joined the military between Sept. 8, 1980 and July 31, 1986. Others can use the official BRS Retirement Calculator to estimate their pension under the blended retirement system plan.

Other resources

  • The Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program can give your service member’s spouse a career boost.
  • American Forces Travel is a one-stop travel booking site that can save your service member money on travel and entertainment.
  • has information on interest rate reductions, tax benefits, educational and medical benefits, and other advantages that service members and immediate family members are entitled to.

The military wants service members to make good financial decisions, which can only help them in their military careers. If the service member in your life doesn’t know where to start or has specific questions, Military OneSource is here to help them get answers and reach their financial goals. They can get started by calling 800-342-9647 or starting a live chat. OCONUS/International? View calling options.

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