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Jan. 4, 202315 Minutes

Thrive for Families in the Exceptional Family Members Program

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Thrive for Families in the Exceptional Family Members Program
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Learn more about Thrive’s free, online parenting-education programming and the supplemental module for families with special needs. Thrive was developed by the Defense Department with the Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness at Penn State. Thrive provides evidence-informed, best-parenting guidelines that promote positive parenting, stress management and healthy lifestyle practices. Access four age-specific core modules, as well as a variety of supplemental modules, and find out how Thrive can help you raise healthy, resilient children from birth to 18.

To learn more about Thrive resources and support for service members and families, visit Military OneSource at:

To register for the Thrive program, and view or download parent resources, visit:

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