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Spring Clean Your EFMP SCOR

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Set a date this spring to clean up and organize your Exceptional Family Member Program Special Care Organizational Records so your family’s medical and educational records are updated and accurate. This will be especially important if coronavirus precautions affected your plans and resources. If you’re creating your first EFMP SCOR, spring into action by capturing and organizing your information in a single location using the different sections to accommodate your specific needs.

Refresh your current EFMP SCOR

Keep the following tips in mind as you update your EFMP SCOR:

  • Download clean copies of forms, new pictures and covers. Note that the forms are fillable using your keyboard, so you can update information, print and insert into your current EFMP SCOR.
  • Review the In Case of Emergency section and make sure the information is correct and up to date.
  • Update all of the records as needed with your current health care providers, school and other contacts. You should also update the record each time you PCS, change doctors, schools, EFMP contacts, outside contacts, etc.
  • Choose only the important information and documents to keep in your EFMP SCOR. Create a separate file to store less critical or older information. Don’t clutter your SCOR with excess paperwork. Throw away paperwork or items you don’t need.
  • Consider keeping or adding these items to your EFMP SCOR:
    • Medical treatments that did or did not work
    • Time-stamped notes on who you spoke to and what was said
    • Official education reports on plans and progress
    • A hard copy of EFMP & Me checklists you might be working on

Set up a new EFMP SCOR

If this is your first EFMP SCOR, these tips can help you get started.

  • Download and complete forms including routines, likes and dislikes, contact information, emergency action plan, etc., so you will have all the information you need in one place. You can also order a hard copy EFMP SCOR if you prefer.
  • Save an updated copy of your SCOR on a thumbdrive so you can take it with you in an emergency.
  • Collect and add information to the EFMP SCOR. These may include medical documents,  including paperwork from recent doctor visits, immunization records, recent hospital stays, test results, etc. Individualized Education Programs for children and notes can also be added. Make sure to store less important information in a separate file to avoid cluttering your EFMP SCOR.
  • Keep a separate EFMP SCOR with individual information for each family member with special needs. This will help keep everything organized and will also be helpful when you update your EFMP enrollment.
  • Remember that your EFMP SCOR doesn’t replace official medical records and is not legally binding. It also includes personal information so be sure to keep it in a safe place.
  • Review the EFMP video on Special Care Organization Record on MilLife Learning.
  • Consider including a copy of your EFMP & Me checklist in your EFMP SCOR and track progress.

Reach out to your nearest installation EFMP Family Support provider or a Military OneSource special needs consultant if you need assistance or have questions about how to set up or manage your SCOR. Schedule appointments 24/7 by live chat or calling 800-342-9647, or check out OCONUS calling options.

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