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Military OneSource Podcast Military OneSource podcasts are a simple way to connect to your best MilLife. They can help you live your best military life, overcome challenges and thrive. Turn to the Military OneSource podcast for information, tools and resources on topics unique to the military, like spouse employment, special needs family members, deployment, relocation, finances, parenting and more.

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Most Recent Episodes

Accounting for Yourself After a Natural or Man-Made Disaster

It is vital to know the expectations for accounting for yourself after a disaster. Tune in to this podcast to learn about the different aspects of the Personnel Accountability Assessment System.

Respite Care for Caregivers

Taking care of a wounded, ill or injured loved one can be demanding. Learn about the importance of taking care of yourself, as well, and explore your options for occasional support and respite care.

Digital Remains

This podcast explores the importance of being able to memorialize a loved one through their online activity ─ referred to as digital remains ─ while protecting those accounts from hackers.

Estate Planning: Getting Your Affairs in Order

This podcast outlines the importance of preparing an estate information checklist to ensure that your affairs are in order so your wishes can be more easily carried out upon your death.

Conducting a Personally Procured Move

Learn how to conduct a successful personally procured move, from requesting temporary storage and scheduling your move to submitting your moving expenses for reimbursement.

DOD MWR Libraries 2022 Summer Reading Program

The DOD MWR Libraries Summer Reading Program encourages all readers to explore new ideas and discover new information. This year’s Summer Reading Program theme is Read Beyond the Beaten Path.

Federal Voting Assistance Program Trusted Info 2022

This podcast outlines state and federal efforts to make the election process as safe as it can be for the military community and all citizens by combating attempts to mislead voters.

Transitioning Health Care During Your PCS

It's important that your health care continues during life changes, like a military move. Learn how to smoothly transition your health care during a PCS.

2022 Military Family Readiness Academy

Learn about OneOp and the 2022 Military Family Readiness Academy, Family Well-Being: Navigating the Social Justice Landscape course series, available to service providers beginning June 1, 2022.

2022 PCS Season

The Defense Department is committed to helping anyone moving with the military master their move. Learn how four universal truths of military moves can help decrease the stress of your next PCS.

Honor Guard Services

In this podcast, two members of the Nellis Air Force Base Honor Guard share their perspectives on what military funeral honors means to families and what it means to perform this solemn ceremony.

Military In Lasting Tribute

This episode covers various aspects of the new Military In Lasting Tribute online memorial, including what makes it different from other memorials and how survivors can submit their loved ones to be honored.

Sesame Workshop and Month of the Military Child 2022

This podcast discusses Sesame Street for Military Families and the resources, tools and strategies available to help military families build every day resilience and stay strong in mind and body.

EFMP Support Through Podcasts

Learn about the Exceptional Family Member Program and a podcast series created by the Office of Special Needs — for family members, service members, service providers and leaders.

Military Funeral Honors

This podcast covers events from the 2022 International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association Convention and how such events help the Defense Department in providing military funeral honors.

Tax Tips From a MilTax Expert

Clear up questions surrounding 2022 taxes with a MilTax expert. Topics include rate changes, retirement changes, student loan relief, moving expenses and more.

Month of the Military Child

The deputy assistant secretary of defense for Military Community and Family Policy discusses resources and support for military families available through Military OneSource.

Military OneSource — All About MilTax

Learn about MilTax — free tax software and expert consultation for service members and their families. Find out about eligibility, access tips and more.

Foreclosure Rescue Scams: Red Flags and Real Help

Learn about the warning signs of foreclosure rescue scams and where to find legitimate help if you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments.

If You See Domestic Abuse Speak Up

Helping victims of domestic abuse can be tough. You might not know how to help or question whether it’s your place to intervene. But if you see something, you need to know what you can do.

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