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About the Family Program Accreditation Program

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Accreditation is the formal evaluation of an organization/program against best practice standards. It indicates that an organization/program has met the standards set forth by an accrediting body. Additionally, Accreditation empowers the organization/program to perform an in-depth self-review using best practice standards; support an on-site evaluation by a team of experts; have all supporting evidence reviewed and receive a decision from the accrediting body.

With citizen soldiers (or volunteers) in every county of every state affected by Family Programs, Accreditation guarantees standardized services/programs and prevents misallocating resources towards programs or efforts that do not align with the DoD’s intent. Furthermore, Accreditation maximizes the organization/program’s ability to leverage external resources whilst simultaneously minimizing the stress on federal resources.

National Accreditation Statistics:

  • 94% accredited & annual maintenance completed
  • 4% working on reaccreditation
  • 2% not engaged/not accredited

State Accreditation Programs:

  • Administration and Management (MIL-AM)
  • Human Resources (MIL-HR)
  • Administrative and Service Environment (MIL-ASE)
  • Customer Rights (MIL-CR)
  • Community Capacity Building Initiatives (MIL-CCB)
  • Emergency Family Assistance (MIL-EFA)
  • Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support (MIL-EFMP)
  • Family Advocacy Program Services (MIL-FAP)
  • Financial Readiness Program (MIL-FR)
  • Military Lifestyle Support and Education (MIL-MLSE)
  • Non-Medical Individual and Family Counseling (MIL-NMC)
  • Volunteer Coordination (MIL-VC) or Family Volunteer Coordination (MIL-VC)



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