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About the Family Program Accreditation Program

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Accreditation is a formal evaluation of an organization/program against best practice standards, signifying compliance with accrediting body criteria. It enables the organization/program to conduct a self-review, undergo an on-site evaluation by a team of experts, and receive a decision based on the review of supporting evidence.

Accreditation ensures standardized services for citizen soldiers (or volunteers) across all counties in every state affected by family programs, preventing the misallocation of resources towards programs or efforts that do not align with the Defense Department’s intent. It maximizes the organization/program’s ability to use external resources and minimizes stress on federal resources.

National accreditation statistics:

  • 94% accredited & annual maintenance completed
  • 4% working on reaccreditation
  • 2% not engaged/not accredited

State accreditation programs:

  • Administration and Management (MIL-AM)
  • Human Resources (MIL-HR)
  • Administrative and Service Environment (MIL-ASE)
  • Customer Rights (MIL-CR)
  • Community Capacity Building Initiatives (MIL-CCB)
  • Emergency Family Assistance (MIL-EFA)
  • Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support (MIL-EFMP)
  • Family Advocacy Program Services (MIL-FAP)
  • Financial Readiness Program (MIL-FR)
  • Military Lifestyle Support and Education (MIL-MLSE)
  • Non-Medical Individual and Family Counseling (MIL-NMC)
  • Volunteer Coordination (MIL-VC) or Family Volunteer Coordination (MIL-VC)

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