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National Guard Families and Friends

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Being there for the ones you care about can make a difference in the life of a service member or family member. Learn how to support soldiers, airmen and each other.

National Guard families and friends serve, too

If you are related to a service member or are friends with a service member and their family, this page provides information that can help you give and find support. Your role in helping to ensure the health and well-being of your service member is a vital one, and resources are available to help you participate in their service to the nation.

Helping military spouses and partners

Whether it’s maintaining a household or providing emotional support, being a partner to a service member can present big challenges. Learn:

  • What to expect when your partner is deployed
  • How to cope throughout your partner’s service
  • How to support your loved one

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Helping military children

Military children face unique challenges. They require special attention to help them adjust to the absence of a deployed family member, endure frequent relocations or cope with other issues related to having a loved one in the National Guard. Learn:

  • Why supporting military kids matters
  • Signs of distress in military children
  • Tips for helping a military child

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Helping military parents

Parents can experience a wide range of emotions regarding their son or daughter’s service in the National Guard, from pride in their accomplishments to fear for their safety. Learn:

  • How to be prepared when a son or daughter deploys
  • Ways to stay connected and find support
  • What to do when your son or daughter returns home

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