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How School Liaisons Help Students Realize Education Goals and More

Parents have many questions about their children’s education, and military life can create even more. If you’re looking for answers to your education questions, your installation school liaison can connect you with the support you need.

The School Liaison Program offers an array of services and resources to support children, parents, installation leadership, schools and the surrounding community. By working together with these stakeholders, the School Liaison Program builds a support network to provide the best possible education experience for military-connected students worldwide.

Looking for your school liaison?

Contact your local school liaison for all of your pre-K-12 education needs.

School liaisons are located at each installation and are the main contact for military families, local school systems and installation leadership for school-related matters pre-K through 12th grade. School liaisons are experienced professionals who support, advise and build partnerships with the civilian and military community to help address common education challenges of military families. School liaison support is available at no cost and open to all Defense Department identification card holders, educators who serve military students and community partners involved with pre-K-12 education.

Learn about five elements of the School Liaison Program every military family should know:


To learn more about school liaisons, watch the 2021 Month of the Military Child “What Is a School Liaison Anyway?” event video:


Student and family support

School liaisons provide a wide variety of services for students and families, including:

  • Transition support — for PCS moves, as well as general education transitions
    • Information on campus-specific programs and courses of study, school districts and boundaries
    • Assistance with transferring credits and registering for classes
    • Help with locating after-school and extracurricular programs
    • Tutoring referrals
    • Youth sponsorship referrals
    • Support for transitions to elementary, middle and high school and beyond
    • Compliance help for Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission, or MIC3
  • Alternative schooling support — including information about private, parochial, charter and homeschool options
  • Special education support and referrals — including referral to the Exceptional Family Member Program, your school’s special education department and other local resources
  • Deployment support — including parental absence coping strategies, educator awareness of phases and impact of different deployment cycles (including predeployment, deployment, and reunion and reintegration), accommodation compliance and non-medical counseling referrals to minimize the negative academic, social and emotional impact
  • College, career and military readiness:
    • Test preparation and scheduling
    • Scholarship and financial aid information
    • Postsecondary opportunities
    • College, vocational and career fairs
  • Parent workshops on topics such as:
    • Smooth transitions
    • Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission, or MIC3, compliance
    • Special education
    • College and career preparation

School liaisons know that transitions are more than just permanent changes of station. Children move to new schools, and they also move within schools. In addition, military children transition from parent(s) being home to being deployed. Rest assured that whatever transition your military-connected children are navigating, school liaisons are available to help improve their academic experience, promote social and life skills, offer vocational guidance and build education partnerships to help them thrive.

Education community support

In addition to working with students and families, school liaisons work with local education community partners and installation leadership to meet military-connected children’s education needs. School liaisons offer information workshops and professional development opportunities. Topics include:

  • Social and emotional effects of military transition
  • Reducing test anxiety in youth
  • Grant resources for school systems (such as Federal Impact Aid and DOD grant opportunities)
  • Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission compliance support
  • Military culture
  • Installation tours

Partners in education

On the program level, school liaisons collaborate with national educational and local community organizations to promote the best education for military children. Some educational partners include:

The partnerships, resources and services that school liaisons develop and coordinate play a key role in creating a collaborative relationship between the military community and school systems worldwide to support the educational needs of military children and families.

School Liaison Program support is open to all DOD ID card holders, educators who service military students and community partners involved with pre-K-12 education. For more information, contact your local installation school liaison office.


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