Dr. Mary M. Keller

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Military Family Organization Representative: Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC)

Term of Service: 3 Years — Beginning June 2016

Dr. Mary M. Keller, President, CEO and Founder of the Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC), is widely regarded as an expert on education issues related to the highly mobile military-connected student. She is routinely consulted for research-based findings used to address military family needs. As an area superintendent, school administrator, K-12 and higher education professional for over 21 years, Dr. Keller is uniquely positioned to witness the challenges military families face in times of transition due to moves, deployment and separation.

Dr. Keller earned her doctorate from Texas Tech University. She also holds several professional certifications, including a mediation certification from the Texas Bar Association. Some of her most significant professional affiliations and positions include chief researcher and author for the U.S. Army’s Secondary Education Transition Study (2000); U.S. Pacific Command School Transition Study contributor (2005); author of The Military Child and “Mobility and Education” (1998) for Phi Delta Kappa; Department of Defense Education Activity (DODEA) Strategic Planning Advisory Committee; CNA Workshop on the Scientific Study of Military Children; Sesame Street Advisory Board member; and White House Joining Forces "Operation Educate the Educators Initiative" co-lead with the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and Training (AACTE).