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Together While Apart, Military Families Connect for the Holidays

Keeping Your Family Strong

You can make this holiday meaningful even if you are thousands of miles apart. Get creative by connecting with your family and creating new traditions. Think outside the box to create special moments that can be just as nice as if your service member was home decorating the tree with you. Holidays are not about how much you give, but about celebrating each other.

Don’t miss out on holiday family fun!

Being apart doesn’t have to mean missing out on family bonding. With the help of technology, here are simple ways you can help bridge the gap until deployment is over:

  • Use video chat to bring the family together.
  • Connect through social media.
  • Send pictures, letters and kids’ artwork.
  • Do something together (while apart) like watch a movie or read a book and discuss it.
  • Send a meaningful gift like a recipe or homemade (non-perishable) treat, a book read in your voice or a personalized do-it-yourself craft.

Keep things simple and don’t forget to take care of yourself. Being away from your family can add to holiday stress. Reach out for help if you need it.

Military OneSource offers a wide range of resources to you. Call and connect with a Military OneSource triage consultant on one or a number of the following resources:

  • Health and Wellness Coaching can help if you’re looking for a no-cost way to shed some of those extra holiday pounds, deal with stress or just get healthier.
  • Confidential non-medical counseling can help if you’re dealing with short-term issues like adjustment, marital problems, parenting, stress management or grief and loss.
  • Financial counseling can help get your budget back in shape after the holidays.

Stay Deployment Strong

If you are stationed overseas and your spouse is deployed, check out the Plan My Deployment tool on Military OneSource for resources to help you stay connected. This tool acts as a how-to guide for valuable tips, resources and articles that will help you and your family prepare for all phases of the deployment cycle. Sort by Predeployment, Deployment, and Reunion and Reintegration to find the information most relevant to your situation.

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