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Parenting Through a PCS — Caregiver Resources and Tips

22 MinutesApril 29, 2024
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Parenting Through a PCS — Caregiver Resources and Tips
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Discover self-care tips and resources, including support from military and family life counselors, that can help you ease the challenge of PCSing with a family, including addressing emotions of family members, coping with your own feelings around leaving friends and community, sorting through the stressors of moving to a new installation and more.

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Listeners can find more information and support to help with PCS stress at the following:

Parents and caregivers can also seek on-installation support through service-specific advisors:

  • Navy Ombudsman
  • Army Family Readiness Support Advisor
  • Air Force Key Support Liaisons (formerally known as Key Spouses)
  • Marine Corp Family Readiness Officer
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