Your health and wellness are top priorities in the military. Military OneSource provides resources so you can manage stress, develop healthy eating habits, get into shape and access benefits and tools that will help you stay strong in body and mind. While Military OneSource does not provide direct health care services, it does offer non-medical counseling and information about health care to help motivate you to stay on the path of healthy living.

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Mindfulness During the Holidays

Ease holiday stress and bring joyfulness in with these audio tips.

Find Joy


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Practicing Good Nutrition Boosts Personal Performance

Good health and peak physical fitness are key to our military community’s force readiness. Explore these tips to build strength and stamina by eating nutritious foods.

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Giving Your Child a Happy, Healthy Start

Healthy behaviors are developed in childhood, so get your child off to a good start with habits, actions and choices that promote health and well-being.

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Staying Healthy During COVID-19

It’s normal to relax as you engage in everyday activities when you’re comfortable with the task. Avoid risk during coronavirus-19, follow guidelines and don’t cut corners on your health.

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Helping Family Members With Special Needs Meet Their Fitness Goals

Getting in shape, eating better and exercising regularly helps us lower stress, improve self-esteem and our general well-being. Individuals with special needs often share in these same goals and can achieve their health and fitness goals with the help of an adaptive fitness and nutrition plan.

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EFMP & Me Online Tool Empowers Military Families With Special Needs

For families with special needs, the Department of Defense Office of Special Needs Exceptional Family Member Program provides support and resources to help you thrive in military life. Now, the new EFMP & Me online tool, available through Military OneSource, expands and tailors support to help you quickly navigate services, connect with resources and advocate for yourself or your family member with special needs ‒ anytime, anywhere.


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