Being deployment ready is part of military life. You may be prepared for duty, but make sure to get organized on the homefront too. Learn about creating or updating essential legal documents, organizing your finances, creating a family care plan and designing a contingency plan in case things change. Get organized and prepared for your sake and your family's.


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Military Clause: Terminate Your Lease Due to Deployment or PCS

Service members are protected by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act if they need to break their lease on account of a deployment or permanent change of station.

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Cancelled or Postponed Deployment: The Importance of Contingency Planning

Gearing up for a deployment can be stressful. But getting those orders cancelled or postponed can be more so, especially after spending weeks, even months, preparing yourself for the mission—and your family for the changes.

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Plan My Deployment: A Must-Have Tool for Deploying and Coming Home

Whether you’re on your first tour of duty or your fourth, Plan My Deployment helps you, your family members and loved ones prepare for – and stay strong and connected – through every phase of deployment.

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Securing the Homefront: Deployment-Related Legal Paperwork

Life in the military is about being ready for deployment. You may be duty-ready, but don’t overlook preparations on the home front. That includes having or updating essential legal documents. Don’t let it slip off your radar before deployment. Do it for your family’s sake.

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Military Family Readiness System

The Military Family Readiness System supports every service member and family member, regardless of activation status or location, in person, by phone and online.


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