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Whether you’re dating, newly married or counting double-digit anniversaries, relationships ebb and flow. It’s normal. Sometimes we all need help between the moves, deployments and separations.

Strengthening your marriage with fun-filled resources and getaways

From fitness and sports to tickets and travel, Morale, Welfare and Recreation has something for everyone. Your Morale, Welfare and Recreation program offers lots of ways to relax, have fun and connect with others.

Other fun ways to connect:

Non-medical counseling and other ways to strengthen your marriage

Whether you and your partner both want to drop a few pounds, need help with budgeting or dealing with the stress that can come with moving or deployment, Military OneSource offers resources to help reduce stress and strengthen your relationship.

Call 800-342-9647 and connect with a Military OneSource triage consultant or one of the following resources:

  • Health and wellness coaching can help if you’re looking for a no-cost way to shed some of those extra holiday pounds, deal with stress or just get healthier.
  • Confidential non-medical counseling can help if you’re dealing with short-term issues like adjustment, marital problems, parenting, stress management or grief and loss.
  • Financial counseling can help get your budget back in shape after the holidays.
  • Specialty consultations provide parents a chance to speak with specialists with expertise in key areas. Thinking about education? Or adoption? Need coaching or information about special needs? Consultants address a variety of issues.

Are there other counseling options available? Yes, other options are available. Each military service branch offers programs designed to enrich marriages by helping couples develop better communication skills and rekindle the romance. These include:

  • Installation’s chaplain: In addition to offering spiritual guidance, chaplains in military units and commands are trained counselors who are attuned to military life. Some military members may opt to talk with a chaplain, who can offer confidential assistance and referral services.
  • To find out about Marriage Enrichment Programs available through your service branch and installation, check with your chaplain or local Military and Family Support Center:
      • Army: Installation chaplains offer the Strong Bonds Program.
      • Marine Corps: The Marine Corps offers the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program.
      • Navy: Chaplains Religious Enrichment Development Operation offers marriage enrichment retreats. More information is available on the Navy’s website.
      • Air Force: The Air Force Chaplain Corps offers the MarriageCare program. Check with your installation’s chaplain to see what’s available in your area.

Other services include:

  • Family Advocacy Program: This is a supportive resource for service members and their families. The program provides support and resources to help families develop and sustain healthy, strong and positive relationships. They can provide individual, couples or family counseling, as well as support groups and other resources. The Family Advocacy Program also assesses, refers and provides counseling for families on issues non-medical counselors don’t address.
  • Outside military support options: Some people may be more comfortable working with counselors outside of the military. If you choose a civilian provider for professional assistance, make sure you understand the costs before you begin a treatment program. Community mental health services often use a sliding scale for fees based on the client’s ability to pay. As a service member, you will also need to consider your responsibility to report counseling to your command.

Remember: Military OneSource resources can help you be the best you can be, whether as the guardian to your nation, family or partner.

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