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Family relationships require extra care when you’re in the military. From welcoming your first child to parenting through deployment or leaving your children with a guardian, you’ll find resources on Military OneSource to help you and your family live your best MilLife.

Parent Support Programs

The New Parent Support Program helps military parents, including expectant parents, provide a nurturing environment for their children. Services include prenatal classes, parenting classes, home visits, playgroups and, if needed, referrals to other resources. The program services are available at no charge for active-duty service members, including National Guard and reserve, and their families.

Another great resource for new and expectant parents is the Military OneSource New MilParent specialty consultation. Access expert advice on parenting issues including sleep challenges, potty training, single parenthood, child care and more.

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The New Parent Support Program can help you navigate through pregnancy, transition successfully into parenthood and provide a nurturing environment for your baby and young children.

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New military parents need backup from their family, friends, unit and the entire military community. That’s why Military OneSource offers the New MilParent specialty consultation

Parenting on the homefront

During military separations or deployment you may face emotional, financial and day-to-day adjustments that can put a strain on your parenting skills. Your installation’s Military and Family Support Center is a good resource for information about deployment support, family readiness groups, child care and youth programs, free confidential non-medical counseling, and much more.


Leaving your child with a caregiver during deployment

Parents may encounter childcare needs during deployment. This is especially true for single and dual military parents. If you have to leave your children with a caregiver during deployment, planning for their care while you are away is a top priority. Learn more about:

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An official family care plan is required for military members. Plans guide caregivers, and provide important details about child care, school, medical care and family activities.

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If you are a service member leaving your child with a caregiver during deployment, these tips can increase the chance of a successful transition and help things run smoothly while you’re away.

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Take the guesswork out of deployment planning. Learn more about essential legal documents to create or update before you deploy.

Caregiving a deployed service member’s child

If you will be caring for a service member’s child or children during deployment, make sure you understand the service member’s wishes and some of the potential challenges awaiting you.

  • Your service member most likely created a family care plan and other important legal documents. Make sure you have a copy of everything you need.
  • As a legal guardian, in addition to resources available through Military OneSource, you may also be eligible for resources and support services through the Military Family Readiness System and the Exceptional Family Member Program for children with special needs


How to handle separation issues for children

If you have questions about how to help children deal with issues that may arise from separation, reach out to your installation Military and Family Support Center. They can connect you with expert assistance from the Military and Family Life Counseling Program and connect you to other resources and deployment support services.

Resources and benefits for Parents & Guardians


Still have questions or need assistance? Military OneSource consultants are available 24/7 to help connect you with the resources and support you need.

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