Support For Families

From special child care services and ongoing medical issues to complex housing situations and strained finances, it can take a lot to look after a family member with special needs. The good news is you’re not alone.

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Eye doctor examining young boy's eyes
Girl kissing service member mom
Men in wheelchairs playing basketball
Child with special needs and guardian playing on a beach.
Young adult quizzes a student with flash cards
Child looks on at events
Woman assists child with special needs
Service member and woman in wheelchair dancing
A child's hands playing with an educational toy
Parent asking questions at parent center.
Marine is meritoriously promoted by staff sergeant.
A military couple with a strong marriage.
Service members at medical group pharmacy table
Child gives a childcare worker a hug
Airman holds out goggles to simulate drunken disorientation.
Special Olympics participant runs during a track and field event.
Young family blowing bubbles in the park
Man coaching boy in baseball
Feet in wool socks near fireplace at Christmas time
Service member filling out financial paperwork.
Elderly woman receives assistance with her benefits.
Child with Special Needs Playing
Hand writing on paper with pen
Man in wheelchair emptying dishwasher
Woman filling out paperwork at desk.
Parents and child play with bubbles outside.
Children playing.
Students attending educational workshop.
Child and horse.
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